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About CupsThat.Care

Working in partnership with paper cup manufacturers, CupsThat.Care provides a zero cost, fully integrated business solution to provide their customers with the option to counterbalance the negative environmental impact of the cups they purchase, at the same time as engaging with the cups end users.

CupsThat.Care have already counterbalanced the environmental impact of over 17m paper cups in the UK.

Manufacturer Win

By offering their customers the option of including tree planting with their cup orders, our manufacturing partners are demonstrating their social and environmental credentials, at zero cost.

Customer/Brand Win

By planting trees with their orders, companies and brands can show the CupsThat.Care branding on the cups, demonstrating to the end users that they are taking the environmental impact of the cups seriously.

End User Win

By adding unique CupsThat.Care URL onto the cups, environmentally savvy end users can visit a customer branded page and plant a tree free of charge.

Brands whose cups have cared

Let CupsThat.Care provide you with everything you need to launch this fantastic initiative from branding to web pages and everything inbetween.

Be part of a United Nations Environment initiative and join the rapidly growing number of companies doing something positive for the world.

Bespoke Web Page

Bespoke Web Page

CupsThat.Care will provide a full bespoke page for the manufacturer with a ticker showing the cumulative number of trees planted by each of their clients and information about the partnership.

Show You Care

Show You Care

CupsThat.Care allows our partners to demonstrate a passion for the environment and for empowering communities across the developing world all the while showing enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility.

Integrated System

Integrated System

Our integrated system automatically sends an email and e-certificate for the purchase of every tree.



CupsThat.Care will also provide social media coverage, local PR, Official Partner Branding and nomination to the Green Apple Environmental Awards at the Houses of Parliament as an integral part of the paid initiative.

So far we have planted trees which offset the negative environmental impact of over 17 million paper cups.

If you want to counterbalance the environmental impact of your manufacturing process and join this fantastic initiative, please click the button below.

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Our Projects

Here are some of the projects CupsThat.Care have been involved with and we hope that our new partners will soon be empowering more communities in a similar way.

Full Legal Verification

CupsThat.Care employ Equitable Law Solicitors to verify that every 99p spent results in the planting of a tree and we provide monthly evidence of this to all our partners.

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c/o The Green Earth Appeal

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Email: cupsthatcare@greenearthappeal.org

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